Common Ground Property Services is a Brisbane-based company that provides high quality and sensibly priced cleaning and property maintenance packages for your body corporate, workplace or home.

Garth, Founder and Owner

After 10 years managing the cleaning and catering operations for a large international airline, Garth decided to start his own cleaning and gardening business in October 2010.

Garth then set about creating a business model for Common Ground Property Services that included simple principles such as always communicate clearly, let the market dictate your services and have great systems. This model is constantly evolving and Garth is always looking for ways to improve his business.

Steve, Right-Hand Man

Joining the company in April 2014, Steve quickly became a valuable member of the Common Ground team.

With more than 14 years experience in garden maintenance, Steve has hit the ground running, and his friendly nature has helped him get along well with residents. He is also very hard-working and is normally the first on site each morning.

Scott, New Kid on the Block

Scott is a keen gardener, hiker and traveler. Originally trained as a bricklayer, Scott has great enthusiasm for outdoor work. Recent years have seen Scott work in retail and merchandising for a major outdoor products chain, which has helped him to hone his customer service skills.


1019 property owners across Brisbane trust Common Ground with their investments!

Our Logo

The Common Ground Property Services Logo is made up of two green leaves in the foreground and the outline of a house in the background.

The house represents the cleaning and maintenance of our clients' properties, while the two green leaves represent the two key areas of garden maintenance - lawns and garden beds.

The two leaves also represent the fact that Common Ground Property Services was started with just two regular body corporate clients.

Our Name

The name Common Ground Property Services was chosen for three reasons.

1. Common Ground Property Services is dedicated to servicing the 'common areas' of residential apartment complexes and commercial premises.

2. We all share one planet, and we need to try and find 'common ground' with those around us to help make our lives easier and more fulfilling.

3. We really liked the name.